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代表作品 // works.

简介 // about.

Ammobox Productions is a professional music production company based in the sunny island of Singapore. Founded by Jaydos in 2012 while studying in Melbourne, Australia. Ammobox Productions was birthed out of the desire to create music at its highest form; starting from the foundation of a good song to creating an arrangement that weaves seamlessly with the melody and lyrics. Currently represented by Sony Music Publishing (Beijing), our catalogue of works have included many well-known artistes across the Asian region.

Ammobox Productions是一家专业的音乐制作公司。由Jaydos于2012年在澳大利亚墨尔本留学时创立。 本公司诞生于以最高形式创作音乐的追求; 从一首好歌的基础开始,创造一种与旋律和歌词无缝融合的安排。 Jaydos于2013年毕业于JMC Academy与音频工程学士学位,目前是索尼版权代理(北京)的作者。 他在亚洲各国为了许多艺人和音乐唱片公司写歌,制作和编曲。


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